Mystery car enthusiast selling off his £1million dust-covered collection of classics

Mystery car enthusiast selling off his £1million dust-covered collection of classics

The classic cars, which date back to the 1940s, has grown gradually in a business park in Tottenham and is auctioned off in a sale with individual guide prices of up to £25,000

A mystery car enthusiast is selling off his £1m dust-covered collection of classic motors.

The 174 cars have been hidden in a London warehouse for more than 10 years.

And the businessman, who wants to remain anonymous, has opted to sell up as warehouse where they are kept is needed by its council owner.

The collection, which dates back to the 1940s and has gradually grown on a business park in Tottenham, is poised to be auctioned off with guide prices of up to £25,000.

The most expensive car, organisers say, is a 1960 MG MGA red sports car, but others include a 1975 Mercedes 350SL for £18,000, a 1989 BMW 635CSI for £16,000 and five cars for £15,000 each – including a 1973 Porsche 911, a 1983 Mercedes 280SL and a 1981 380SL.

Freddie Fison, 35, told MailOnline has arranged the sale for a family friend who decided to sell his collection after the local council, which owns the warehouse, needed it back.

He said: “Essentially it’s a local businessman’s private collection.

“Over the last ten years he decided to build his collection, I think starting off with a Mercedes SL, having seen the popularity with the Pagoda and how that raised in price, thought that would be a big investment and obviously a passion project.

“He loves his cars, and since then has been collecting more and more. Trying to find a new home for an indoor space in London for that size is not going to happen – times have changed in ten years.”

Each vehicle was put on for sale individually and had been languishing in the warehouse for years covered in dust and bird droppings

The London Barn Finds team collection includes a 1971 Triumph Spitfire MK4, a 1973 MG MGB, a 1989 Nissan 300ZX and a 1986 Mercedes 300SE -which all have a guide price of £8,000.

Other include a 1976 VW Camper, a 1986 Mercedes 300SE and a Ponton 200, The cheapest in the enormous sale is a 2000 Citroen Berlingo, up for £100.

A 1948 MG which does not have a guide price is the oldest, followed by a 1952 MG YB and a 1955 Morris Minor with a guide of £2,000.

The cars are a ramshackle collection of classic models and some do not have number plates or identifying documents

Others have number plates belonging different vehicles and many are covered in years of dust or bird poo.

All of the cars are said to run properly and were driven to the warehouse under their own power but some have not been taxed for 30 years.

Car enthusiast and YouTuber Freddie Atkins visited the site and described it as a “very special warehouse” and admitted: ‘I’ve not seen anything like it before in my life.

“It’s basically an insane collection of Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen, lots and lots of classic cars – BMW as well. They’re all barn finds, they’re all being sold here and are coming up for sale with London Barn Finds on Instagram.”

Mr Atkins said the scale of the warehouse was just incredible and the vehicles have a combined guide list total price of £942,700.

An opportunity to view the cars is available today, but no cash will changing hands and all sales will be made by sealed bids after the event.

Organisers will be be contacting bidders after the open day and are still going through offers

There has been an overwhelming response from classic car fans Mr Fison said for every car there’s 50 people who interested in its history.,

The owner collected and drove cars during his life and is said to have bought the models individually,

A spokesman for London Barn Finds said on Instagram: ‘”Thanks to everyone who came to the open day, we appreciate it was last minute but we had to manage it that way for reasons relating to the owner.”

The spokesman said that they were “sifting through 15 boxes of old receipts, old tax disks, photos of better years, service history, MOTs, V5s and more” and wanted to “share as much as possible” with interested parties.